Dental for Dogs and Cats in Somerset, PA

The health of your pet’s mouth isn’t always easy to discern. That’s why it’s a good idea to schedule regular pet dental care at Animal Medical Center. Any Somerset veterinarian on our three-vet team can check your pet’s teeth, gum tissue, and oral cavity for problems, clean away potentially damaging tartar, and help you keep your pet’s mouth healthy between visits.

Why Is Pet Dental Health Important?

Pet dental health matters for a number of reasons. Most obviously, dental diseases can be excruciatingly painful for your beloved pet. Additionally, diseased gum tissue that becomes seriously inflamed (or even teeth that fall out) can drastically limit your pet’s ability to chew his food. This chewing trouble can cause him to avoid eating, or it may lead to digestive disturbances and nutrient absorption problems. Some dental issues can even lead to serious systemic infections, organ damage, or terminal conditions. You can’t afford to assume that your pet’s mouth is healthy. You need to have it examined regularly and deal with any problems as efficiently as possible.

Common Dental Problems in Pets

Pets can suffer from many kinds of dental issues throughout their lives. Older pets in particular tend to experience the effects of periodontal disease. This chronic inflammation of the gum lining occurs when bacteria stick to tartar on the teeth, setting off an inflammatory reaction that destroys the gum tissues. Teeth can also become decayed, cracked, or broken, exposing the inner root structures to bacteria. Root infections can cause extreme pain and even spread to the bloodstream, moving to major organs such as the heart. Oral cancer can develop in any part of the mouth, progressing quickly and possibly invading other parts of the body.

Pet Dental Exams, Cleanings, Treatments, and Preventative Care

Your veterinarian, at our clinic in Somerset, can administer regularly-scheduled pet dental screenings. These exams allow us to catch oral cancers, periodontal disease, tooth damage, or infections as early as possible. Dental cleanings remove the tartar that attracts bacteria. We can also advise you on home-based oral maintenance routines to supplement these essential exams. If your pet has already developed a dental or oral problem, we can administer treatments ranging from tooth extraction and antibiotic therapy to oral cancer removal.

Leave Your Pet’s Dental Health to Our Clinic in Somerset

Make certain that every part of your pet, including his mouth, is healthy and comfortable. Call our veterinary clinic in Somerset, at 814-443-6979, to schedule a pet dental exam and cleaning today!