Pet Surgery in Somerset, PA

Like people, animals are capable of developing a variety of medical issues. Sometimes, the problems may require surgical intervention. At Animal Medical Center of Somerset County, we understand the prospect of a loved one having surgery can be scary. We believe it is important for everyone to know what is going to happen in the operating room before agreeing to any procedure. For this reason, we are here to educate everyone on what is going to happen when their pet as surgery.

The Initial Consultation

First, our team is going to review the condition with the pets’ family. We want our families to know everything about the condition in which their pet is in. Then, we will review all of the treatment options available. We want everyone to know about the options that are on the table. Next, we will make a recommendation. In many cases, this might be a surgical procedure. We will discuss why we think the surgery is necessary and what we expect to happen. We will also discuss what we think will happen if the surgical procedure is not performed. Finally, we will review how the operation is performed and answer any questions that our clients have.

The Operation Itself

Pets are admitted the night before and the procedure takes place the following day to ensure the pet is safe and prepared for surgery. Families are welcome to call our team at any time with updates about your pet. Our team will be monitoring your pet every step of the way. The day of the surgery, your pet will be given anesthesia to put them to sleep for the procedure. We will complete the operation and move the patient to the recovery area. Next, we will allow the patient to wake up in a peaceful, calm environment. Your pet will spend the night after surgery in the hospital to ensure a full recovery and make it easier to care for the pet the next day for the families. The next day, when your pet is stable and recovering well, they are released to go home.

Recovering from Pet Surgery with Animal Medical Center of Somerset County

Once the surgery has been completed, the next step is to start the recovery process. The veterinarian team at Animal Medical Center of Somerset County will be with our patients every step of the way. Following the procedure, there may be multiple visits back to our hospital to ensure the recovery process is going as planned. We will do everything in our power to make sure this process is as smooth as possible. Our medical team will place the needs of our patients first, ensuring they have everything they need to make a full recovery. To learn more about how we can help you, please call us today to make an appointment. We are here for all of our patients.

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Pet Surgery in Somerset, PA