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Is your pet up-to-date with his or her vaccinations? Does your dog or cat need a routine checkup? If so, then be sure to give Animal Medical Center of Somerset County a call today. We understand the love that you have for your animals. That’s why we make it a priority to treat every pet that we see with the highest level of respect and attention. From our variety of services to our knowledgeable and experienced team, your pet will always be in fantastic hands with us. Keep reading to learn more about our animal medical clinic and why we’re the best solution for your pet’s specific needs.

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About Our Animal Clinic

Animal Medical Center of Somerset County was founded in 1992. Our dedicated team of veterinarians and pet professionals provide the highest level of care for every pet that they treat. Our veterinarian utilizes the latest technology and treatment techniques to ensure that your furry companion lives a long and happy life. From comprehensive care to preventive solutions, we’re here to help your animal through every facet of his or her health.