Vaccination of Dogs and Cats in Somerset, PA

Animal Medical Center of Somerset County Offers Pet Vaccines

Does your pet need a scheduled round of vaccinations against communicable diseases? If they’ve never been vaccinated, the answer is “Yes.” If it’s been a while since their last vaccination, they may need additional vaccinations to help them remain protected against disease threats. Whatever situation or stage of life your pet currently faces, they can get the disease protection they need here at Animal Medical Center of Somerset County. We offer a full array of vaccination of dogs and cats to help them stay safe and healthy for life.

What Are Vaccines For?

When your pet is exposed to a mild viral or bacterial “bug,” chances are that his immune system is more than up to the challenge. That initial exposure gives the immune system the information it needs to manufacture antibodies that can destroy the invader and ward off future attacks from that germ. The real danger comes from diseases that can cause serious illness or even death from the very first encounter. That’s what vaccines are for. These substances resemble specific disease organisms closely enough that they fool the immune system into creating antibodies against them, even though there is no actual disease threat.

When to Vaccinate Your Pets

Puppies and kittens are only protected against deadly diseases while they’re living on their mother’s milk (which contains the necessary antibodies). Once they’re eating solid food, that protection fades, leaving them vulnerable. For this reason, you should start scheduling vaccinations when your pet is around 6 weeks of age. Puppies and kittens usually receive several rounds of vaccinations. This schedule builds up the pet’s disease resistance to allow for a healthier adulthood.

Different Vaccinations for Different Life Stages

Puppies and kittens typically receive three separate sets of vaccinations over the first 16 weeks of life. Vaccines generally last anywhere from one to three years, after which they lose their potency. That’s why we need to administer booster shots at varying intervals throughout your pet’s life. Our veterinary office provides core vaccinations against rabies, distemper, parvo, calicivirus, and hepatitis. “Non-core” vaccinations against less common diseases, which we may recommend if your pet’s environment or lifestyle demands it, are repeated every year. Non-core vaccinations may include protection against leptosirosis canine influenza, Lyme disease, and Bordetella. It is important to remember that in Pennsylvania it is mandatory by law to vaccinate pets against rabies.

Bring Your Pet to Our Somerset Office

Vaccination schedules can get confusing, so leave the details to our skilled veterinary team at Animal Medical Center of Somerset County. Call 814-443-6979 today to schedule vaccinations or booster shots!

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Vaccination of Dogs and Cats in Somerset, PA