Spay and Neuter in Somerset, PA

Animal Medical Center of Somerset County provides spay and neuter services for dogs and cats at our clinic. These are considered routine surgeries that will provide a number of benefits for your pets. If you are a proud new owner of a dog or cat, here is some information about spay and neuter procedures.

The Spay and Neuter Operations

Whether your pet is being spayed or neutered, we will first perform some blood work tests. If an animal has an undiagnosed health problem — which we can detect in the blood test — it could cause unforeseen problems during a spay or neuter procedure. Pets receive anesthesia before the operation, so they won’t feel any pain. Our staff will carefully monitor your pet’s vital signs as well.

A spaying procedure involves making a small incision below the female animal’s belly button. The ovaries or the uterus plus the ovaries are surgically removed, and the incision is sewn back up.

A neutering procedure requires an incision in the front of the male dog’s or cat’s scrotum. The testicles are then removed through the incision, which is then sewn shut.

Why Pet Owners Opt for Spaying or Neutering

As we mentioned above, there are a number of good health reasons for spaying or neutering pets. In addition, it eliminates the risk of having a “surprise” litter of kittens or puppies show up one day! If you do not plan to breed the animal, it makes sense to have these procedures performed.

Here are some of the benefits of spaying female dogs and cats:

  • Eliminates hormone fluctuations
  • Eliminates development of a uterine infection (pyometra)
  • Reduces the threat of breast cancers
  • Eliminates uterine or ovarian cancers
  • Reduces separation anxiety in female pets

Here are some fo the health benefits of neutering male dogs and cats:

  • Reduced rates of prostate infection
  • Eliminates possibility of testicular cancers
  • Reduces aggression levels and tendencies to roam from the yard

After Your Pet is Spayed or Neutered

Whether you are having a female pet spayed or a male pet neutered, you will want to restrict the pet’s movement for about a week to ten days after the operation. Avoid letting them fun or climb stairs or other obstacles until the incision site has healed. Pets should also be kept dry (no bathing) during the healing period. Your pet also might have to wear a special collar while they are healing, to prevent them from licking or biting at the incision site.

Call Us for Spay and Neuter Procedures

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