Knowing when to get a second opinion is just as important as knowing when to take your sick or injured pet to the veterinarian in the first place. Not all veterinarians are equally experienced in every area of veterinary care. In some cases, a different veterinarian or a specialist can offer a treatment plan. This will better suits your pet’s medical needs. Often, second opinions and referrals make pet owners anxious. They think their veterinarian will feel threatened or offended, but this is not the case. In many cases, a veterinarian will actually suggest a second opinion consultation with another veterinarian. To obtain a second opinion consultation, search “veterinarian near me” or ask your regular veterinarian for a referral.

When to Seek a Second Opinion from a Veterinarian

The following are some situations in which seeking a second opinion from a trusted veterinary office is a good idea:


  • Your pet needs expensive or complicated treatment. Veterinary care is expensive and if your pet requires surgery or another complicated treatment, you may want to seek a second opinion to determine whether a different treatment is available.
  • Your pet has a serious illness and the prognosis is poor. There is nothing worse than getting bad news about your pet’s health. In some cases a different veterinarian or a specialist can offer another treatment option. This may provide a better prognosis for your pet.
  • Your pet is seeing a new veterinarian. This could be the case if you’re new to pet ownership or you recently moved to a different area and your pet is seeing the veterinarian for the first time. Trusting a new veterinarian with your pet’s health isn’t always easy. If you receive an unexpected diagnosis or prognosis, consult with a second veterinarian. This can help you feel more confident in the recommended course of treatment.


  • You don’t trust your veterinarian’s diagnosis. Nobody knows your pet better than you. If you have a strong feeling that your pet is sick take them to you regular veterinarian. If they can’t find anything wrong with him, getting a second opinion can help give you comfort. Whether the diagnosis is different or not.

How to Obtain a Second Opinion Consultation

You should never feel guilty about ensuring that your pet is receiving the highest quality medical care. That includes seeking a second opinion from another veterinarian. Don’t hide this from your regular veterinarian; rather, be upfront about your concerns and ask his or her advice on who to consult. Your veterinarian’s first priority is your pet’s good health. Most veterinarians will understand and encourage you to consult one of their peers. By keeping your veterinarian in the loop, you are ensuring that your pet will get the most accurate and effective treatment for his or her condition.

Contact Our Veterinary Staff at Animal Medical Center

When you call to schedule a second opinion consultation with a new veterinarian office, it is important to ask what medical records the veterinarian would like you to bring to the appointment. This may include any blood work, X-rays or test results that are relevant to your pet’s medical condition, as well as notes regarding your pet’s symptoms and any treatments he or she has already undergone. For more information about treatment for your pet or to get a second opinion consultation, contact our veterinary staff at Animal Medical Center today. Our team of veterinarians at Animal Medical Center of Somerset is committed to providing the highest quality medical care for our patients and we are happy to offer or recommend second opinion veterinary consultations when necessary.