Have you been asking yourself, “Is there a pet pharmacy near me?” Have you been searching online for a dog pharmacy or simpler and faster ways to get medications for your animals? At AMC, we are committed to providing quality and convenient care to our patients. This includes easy access to necessary medications. Our in-house pharmacy guarantees satisfaction and convenience for both you and your pet.

Quality Care Through Our In Office Pet Pharmacy

With our in-house pharmacy we guarantee freshness and quality for your pet’s medications. Although shopping online for pet medications has become quite popular, most online pharmacies do not publish their suppliers. And, they are not protected by a manufacturer’s guarantee. This is because they cannot prove their supply of medication has been shipped, stored and handled properly and to the standards set by the manufacturer to ensure the medication has not spoiled.

Using our in-house pharmacy takes that worry out of your hands. We closely monitor the shipping process and the storage of all our medications. We guarantee the quality of the medicine for your pets. Whether it is preventative care medications, vaccinations, specialized diet foods, prescription shampoos, or specialized medications – we ensure they have all been stored in optimal conditions. And make sure that they are safe for your pet’s consumption.

Convenience of Having a Pet Pharmacy Near Me

Having a pharmacy at your fingertips right in your veterinarian office is convenient. Rather than sending our clients off to search online for the medication(s) their pet needs, hoping they choose the correct one. Instead of asking them to then wait days for shipping before their pet can start their medicine, we offer in-house pharmaceutical services to spare you the hassle. Once your pet is finished with their appointment any medications they require can be picked up immediately following their appointment right in our office. This not only saves you time but also saves you unnecessary and costly shipping fees.

We do our best to keep an extensive inventory of veterinary pharmaceuticals. These are stocked in our in-house pharmacy. When you use our in-house pet pharmacy we guarantee the following:

  • Your pet’s medications were obtained from a safe and trustworthy source.
  • Your pet’s medications have been stored under the correct conditions and manufacturer’s requirements.
  • Our trained staff will fill your pet’s prescriptions swiftly and with attention to detail.
  • Our staff will be available to answer any questions you may have about your pet’s medications.
  • You will have access to easy and accurate medication refills.

Properly caring for your pets can be time consuming, especially if you have an ill pet or an animal with special needs. Let us worry about your pet’s medications, where they are sourced, their freshness, and how they are stored so you can focus on giving your pet all the care and love they require from you. Our in-house pharmacy offers peace of mind and convenience for you, so we hope you will take advantage of this amenity that we at Animal Medical Center are proud to offer.