When your pet needs medication, there’s no better place to turn than your own vet.  Who better to advise you on pet prescriptions for your four-legged friend than the vet you know and trust?  That is why the Animal Medical Center of Somerset County is pleased to offer our very own in-hospital pharmacy to provide any medications your pet might need.  Whether you are looking for over-the-counter preventative treatments for ticks and fleas, medicine to treat a chronic condition, or antibiotics for an unexpected infection, our pharmacy offers everything your pet needs.


Why Use an In-Hospital Pharmacy?

There are several advantages to using the pharmacy here at the Animal Medical Center.  First of all, it is convenient! You can pick up whatever medications you need on the way out of your appointment, saving you the trouble of having to drag your furry friend around town. Convenience aside, the most important reason behind using our pharmacy is that our vets are knowledgeable professionals who care about animals.  Our staff is familiar with everything we keep in stock and can attest to its quality. When it comes to treating a beloved pet, that knowledge is of the utmost importance. We provide only the highest quality medications and can counsel you on how to use them to keep your animal healthy and happy. Whether you require a prescription medication or an over-the-counter product, our vets will recommend the product that will work best for your pet.  We are always available to answer any questions, before and after the purchase. Our expertise allows us to advise you on what to do if any adverse reactions or unexpected side effects take place once you are home. That type of support is simply not available from any other retailer.


What About Online Pharmacies or Big Box Retailers?

While online pharmacies or big box retailers might offer cheaper prices or seem more convenient, there are several drawbacks to using them for a pet pharmacy.  Online pet pharmacies have been known to sell counterfeit products or expired medications, certainly not what you want for your pet. Some medications need to be shipped and stored at an appropriate temperature, and with an online retailer, there is just no way for you to know if those standards have been maintained.  Unlike standard pharmacies, online pharmacies are not subject to regular inspections to ensure that they are filling legitimate prescriptions, providing only medications that have not yet expired, and following all state regulations. Without these checks, there is just no way to be sure that the medicine you order is the medicine you receive.


Big box retailers have a familiar brand and may seem more trustworthy, but the downside here is that the people working in these stores are not required to have training in treating medical conditions and offering health advice for pets.  If you have any questions about what to buy, they cannot help, and if something goes wrong after you administer the medications, they will not know what to do.

Whether you purchase medications from either an online pharmacy or a chain retailer, chances are that the drug manufacturer will not stand behind the product.  Many veterinary drug manufacturers guarantee their products only when sold from a veterinarian. For example, heartworm preventative medications typically come with a guarantee that your pet will not contract heartworm.  If you use the preventative as directed and your dog contracts heartworm, the manufacturer will pay for the deworming treatment. In contrast, if you purchase heartworm preventative online, that guarantee is void. If your dog ends up with heartworm, you will have to pay for treatment yourself.


For quality medication and trustworthy medical advice, turn to the in-hospital pharmacy at the Animal Medical Center of Somerset County.