Our animal hospital is equipped with a cutting-edge laboratory and laboratory testing equipment, which allows us to perform vital diagnostic and preventative tests quickly and efficiently. Some diseases like diabetes, kidney, heart and liver diseases, often don’t show symptoms at the onset, which makes lab diagnostics invaluable for early diagnosis. Being able to identify these diseases and their symptoms early on, allows our vets to develop a treatment plan right away. Early diagnosis may increase the chances of effective treatment and long-lasting health for your pet.

Laboratory Testing Services

When do pets need testing? There are many instances where pets are exhibiting symptoms that require further information. This is where testing comes in handy. A pet owner and vet can determine if a pet has a disease or problem. Or, if a medication is working or not.

Additionally, if your pet is in critical condition, quick return of lab results can make all the difference in implementing a treatment plan to get them back on the road to good health. Our doctors also have the ability to test for specific diseases and parasites. These include heart worm testing, Lyme’s disease (a tick-borne disease) screenings and Parvovirus testing. For more information on our laboratory testing services.