Saying Goodbye

Compassions Pet Cremation is a division of AMC offering pet cremation services to pet owners.

sympathy_notext_sepia2The bond of mutual love forms the greatest companionship. Accordingly, the love you have for your pet does not end when their lives come to a close. We understand such a love is never lost or forgotten.

The death of a faithful pet can be perhaps the ultimate heartbreak. Consequently, bereavement over the loss of a pet is unique to each individual. To more easily endure the loss of your companion, it is best to prepare for the experience in advance. These preparations soften the upsetting finality and difficult decisions associated with the loss of your pet.

Although an individual’s first impulse is to bury their pet at home, it is prohibited in most areas. Secondly, failure to consider relocation later suffers a greater loss of separation. Pet cremation offers you the security of keeping your companion with you should you ever move. Cremation is a fitting way to make your companion’s memory a positive treasured part of your life.

Your veterinarian greatly respects the love you have for your pet. He knows the importance of caring for your pet even in death. He will sincerely provide you with compassionate suggestions and answer questions on pet cremation services to help make your lasting decisions as simple as possible. If you have questions about Compassions’ Pet Cremation Services, please do not hesitate to contact us today for more information.


Compassions Pet Cremation Services is a division of Animal Medical Center.