Pet ownership has been known to produce many positive health effects for humans. Some possess the ability to help lower our blood pressure and de-stress while cuddling, while others get us up and moving with a walking buddy on a daily basis. The value that pets can bring to our lives both mentally and physically are immeasurable. While we spend plenty of time researching the highest quality ingredients in their food, selecting the most comfortable beds, and picking up the latest toys for our furry friend, it is still widely overlooked to provide a health insurance policy for our pets. In the event of a medical emergency, it is ideal to have a savings set aside to fund high veterinary bills, yet this is often not the case for many pet owners. Pet health insurance provides a multitude of benefits to give peace of mind when in the face of decision making for your pet’s medical care.

What is Pet Health Insurance?

Unlike human health insurance that restricts you from using certain physicians, pet health insurance allows you to choose the veterinarian you like best. Once services are rendered, you simply submit the bill to the insurance company for reimbursement of up to 80% after the deductible is paid.

With flexibility in payments, pet insurance allows you to budget pet care costs by giving the option to pay on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or even an annual basis. Although some may say it is easier to simply create a savings account dedicated to pet care costs, this may be difficult to upkeep with other life expenses such as household repairs or family vacations.

Obtaining pet health insurance allows you to choose from the most recent veterinary medical treatments, while many without insurance face a limited number of options due to financial restrictions. With advancements in modern technology and animal medicine, veterinary costs are continuing to rise, making decisions on your pet’s treatments more difficult to choose without the security of a good insurance policy.

Although most agencies will suggest insuring your pet soon after adoption to obtain the lowest premiums and broadest range of plan options, there are no restrictions on age, breed or size when enrolling. If you own a certain breed that is susceptible to certain health issues, or a larger size that may sustain injury easier than its smaller relatives, it is key to educate yourself on the options that may be available to give your pet a long, healthy life.