Most pet owners would readily agree that they are willing to do anything that will help their pet live a happy, healthy life. For some pet owners, this translates into providing their pet with the best medical care that money can buy, and that is recommended to them by their trusted veterinarian. However, others are beginning to wonder whether medications and surgeries are truly the best option for their furry friend–or if more natural treatments, like chiropractic services, may be better.

About Chiropractic Services for Pets

Chiropractic services for pets, especially for dogs, has been slowly growing in popularity, though it still remains less common than conventional veterinary therapies and carries some risk. The American Veterinary Chiropractic Association requires chiropractors to attend a conference, pass an exit exam and take written and clinical tests in order to receive the certification necessary to adjust animals. They then need to renew their certification every three years.

Currently, there are over fifteen hundred certified animal chiropractors across the nation. There are twenty certified animal chiropractors in the state of Pennsylvania alone, and while this may indicate a slow growth it is nonetheless steady. Usually it is not so much a pet owner’s doubts about whether animal chiropractors can help their furry friend that stops them from seeing such a doctor, but rather it is a complete lack of awareness of this field of animal medicine. However, when pet owners are apprised of the option many choose to partake of it, and they are often highly rewarded by their pet’s resultant comfort. In many cases, animal chiropractors have little or no trouble at all working with their patients, as the chiropractic adjustments are usually gentle and they can result in great pain relief for the pet. This means that even the pet who is initially very wary of the process may soon grow to love their chiropractic visits because they know it will result in relief.

All this said, the doubts about the benefits of animal chiropractic care is not actually exclusive to the field of animals. There has long been a chasm between traditional medical doctors and chiropractors, as some may feel that chiropractors continuously treat the symptoms of a problem without actually addressing the root cause or causes of the problems. Others may feel that this is precisely what medical doctors do as well, only they resort to drugs and surgeries. Obviously there are good and bad animal chiropractors, just as there are good and bad veterinarians, and chiropractic services that are delivered without proper diagnosis or veterinary supervision can be dangerous for the animal. Animals with specific injuries can become paralyzed after receiving chiropractic adjustments, and some professionals in the field believe that this may be partially due to the fact that they are practicing on animals a science that has been rooted in human experience. The spines of dogs and cats are very different from the spine of a human, and an individual who is entirely trained in chiropractic care but not veterinary care may not truly comprehend the extent of these differences. That said, individuals who desire a more natural method of pain treatment for their pet, and who provide their pet with chiropractic treatment while consulting with their normal veterinarian, can find that it is a very valuable and beneficial service.

Options for Animal Medical Center Patients

Animal Medical Center does not itself provide chiropractic services for their patients, but they do work closely with someone who does offer these valuable services. Dr. Matt Walker has an office in Davidsville and another in Shanksville, and he uses a technique known as Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation to adjust pets who are suffering from injuries or pain.