October 16th through October 22nd marks National Veterinary Technician week. Vet techs play a critical role in the functioning of veterinary offices across the globe. While we see them for only a brief time during our pet’s appointments, the variety of tasks most vet techs perform go well beyond handling cuddly kittens or weighing your growing pup.

They Educate Us

For a new pet owner, life can be a whirlwind in the beginning. Learning what type of food will best suit your dog’s dietary needs or how often you should bathe your cat can come with a variety of answers when searching the web. Our veterinary technicians are there to narrow things down and answer all the questions we have based specifically on our individual pet’s needs.

They Do the Dirty Work

Any veterinary technician will tell you that this job is not for the faint of heart. Being a veterinarian’s right hand man means providing support during lengthy surgeries including preparation and managing of all surgical equipment, cleaning up messes of every kind, and monitoring several animals in a variety of conditions at once.

They Keep the Office Running Smoothly

Vet techs wear many hats inside the office. While it is a group effort to keep a veterinary office running at its best, it is often the vet tech who can sub in to perform administrative tasks in addition to their regular duties. Scheduling appointments, greeting clients and checking patients in, and managing medical chart systems are often required of vet techs in between scheduled appointments. During routine exams with the veterinarian, vet techs are typically responsible for animal restraint, but must be prepared to perform procedures such as IV and catheter placements, and x-ray and ultrasound.

They Are as Passionate About Our Pets as We Are

Veterinary technicians all go into the profession as animal lovers first, vet techs second. There is a communal strive in the veterinary world to continually improve standards and quality of care in animal health, no matter how big or small the creature. When we bring our dog, cat, rabbit or gerbil in for a check-up, veterinary technicians do not discriminate. Instead, they strive to relate to the public through love of animals, to educate us as pet owners, and uphold the practices where they work with pride in what they do every day.