Devoted pet owners are always interested in taking good care of the animal companion who brings so much joy, happiness and fulfillment into their lives.  Pets not only provide their owners with unconditional love, they also work to improve their owners’ health by relieving stress and encouraging them to lead more active lifestyles.  They are most certainly very much appreciated, so why not take the time to celebrate them during National Pet Appreciation Week?

Celebrating National Pet Appreciation Week

National Pet Appreciation Week is celebrated this year during the week of June 5th through June 11th.  Following are five ways to make your pet feel extra special during National Pet Appreciation Week:

1. Take the time to groom them personally. While few animals are crazy about a trip to the groomer’s, most animals love the experience of gentle grooming.  Sit with your pet somewhere nice, preferably outdoors, and gently and thoroughly brush their coat.  Not only can the grooming brush be stimulating and pleasurable on their skin, brushing their coat can help eliminate all of the extra fur that they don’t need–bringing them great comfort.

2. Buy them a new toy. New toys can be incredibly mentally stimulating for your pet.  Whether you choose an interactive toy that you and your pet can enjoy together or a self-play toy, this is a wonderful way to make your pet feel special.

3. Take your dog on a short car trip to a pleasant destination. If you take regular car trips with your dog to places other than the veterinary office, chances are that they love the opportunity to go on short car trips.  Many dogs are thrilled by even a brief trip to the local pet store, where they get to enjoy a multitude of sensory delights.

4. Take your dog to the dog park. If your dog is friendly, healthy and fully vaccinated, consider taking him to a local dog park.  He will have the opportunity to play and make new friends while enjoying the great outdoors.

5. Teach your dog new obedience skills. Obedience training can appear to be largely directed toward making your dog more responsive to desired commands, but it can also be highly stimulating and enjoyable for your dog.  They are, after all, pack animals that love to follow a leader they trust and respect.

Pet Appreciation Week is a great reminder that taking time just to be with your pet can be one of their greatest rewards.