If you’ve ever had a pet, no matter what kind, you know that they could require emergency medical care. Surgery for a failed organ, X-rays for a broken bone, or IV fluids and medications. Besides these unfortunate events, veterinarians also recommend regular visits for a healthy, happy pet. Regular checkups and physical exams can detect illness or injury. Veterinarian recommended vaccines can prevent diseases like rabies and distemper-parvo. Annual checkups aren’t always enough to ensure the best preventative measures for your pet. Depending on the age and general health of your pet, additional visits to your vet may be necessary.

How Your Veterinarian Can Help

As a general rule, puppies and senior dogs require more frequent veterinarian visits than healthy adults. But, all pets should have a wellness exam at least once per year. An annual examination gives you a chance to raise any questions or concerns about your pet’s health, and give your veterinarian a chance to track your pet’s growth and development.

During annual examinations, your vet will look at your pet’s eyes and ears, listen to their heart and lungs, update any vaccinations and check for any other potential health issues. By performing a complete physical checkup, your veterinarian can also make recommendations about your pet’s dental care and nutrition and prescribe any medications or treatments they may need.

When to Visit Your Vet Office

With adequate exercise, appropriate nutrition, and regular visits to your veterinarian, a healthy pet will most likely result. Even when this is performed properly, pet illnesses can still occur. Visiting your Veterinarian will allow you to make educated decisions about your pet’s well-being and can help identify any illnesses and issues early on. It will also improve the chances of successful treatment. Your pet can be hiding an illness that only a veterinarian could recognize.

According to the American Association of Animal Hospitals, pets are more likely to suffer an illness if they don’t visit a veterinarian at least once per year. For many pet owners, the cost of regular veterinarian visits can be a concern. But, it’s important to remember that preventative care can keep your pet healthier longer, avoiding the need for more costly visits to the vet office down the road.

Protecting Your Pet’s Health

Searching for “veterinarian near me” can help you find your local Veterinarian office. Ideally, annual or semi-annual visits to your veterinarian’s office will be all your pet needs to stay healthy and happy.

However, emergency situations do arise. Recognizing the signs of an emergency can help you make a quick decision about the well-being of your pet. When it comes down to it, you know your pet best. If you notice any unexpected changes in your pet’s behavior or eating habits, an immediate visit to your veterinarian may be in order. Otherwise, it’s best to stick to regularly scheduled wellness visits.

Preventative care at all ages can protect your pet’s health and prolong his life. Finding a doctor you trust is the first step in securing comprehensive veterinary care for your pet. At AMC, we know how important it is to take preventative care seriously. Pets of all ages can hide illnesses and you may not be able to read the subtle signs as a veterinarian can. Call today to make your appointment at Animal Medical Center of Somerset where the best care will be given for your pet.