While those of us who are honored to share our lives with feline companions may consider every month a perfect opportunity to celebrate our cats, the month of September is actually specifically devoted to them.  Established by the non-profit organization CATalyst Council, Happy Cat Month focuses on raising general public awareness of the fact that cats are far more than self-reliant, independent, aloof creatures that only require food, shelter and minimal care.  They are actually wonderfully loving and valuable companions that can improve the health and lives of their owners, and whose own health and well-being needs careful attention.

Celebrating Happy Cat Month

Since Happy Cat Month is all about recognizing the many needs of cats as well as the many benefits of cat ownership, it is only fitting to celebrate it by doing those things that will help to ensure your cat remains healthy and happy.  Following are five specific ways to do exactly this:

1. Get your cat a few new toys.  When you take time to interact and play with your cat using stimulating toys, you are further strengthening your bond, preventing unnecessary weight gain and keeping them mentally stimulated.  Besides, new toys are fun!

2. Ensure their safety while outdoors.  Even exclusively indoor cats may sometimes escape outdoors, so all cats should be protected with a microchip that will ensure their safe return if they get lost.  If you want to allow your cat to freely enjoy the outdoors safely, you may want to consider getting them a catio.

3. See to all your cat’s basic needs.  Your cat doesn’t just need quality food, fresh water and a clean litter box, but also perches, hiding places and scratching surfaces.  A cat that doesn’t have easy access to all these things may become stressed, which can lead to illness and unwanted behaviors.

4. Consider training your cat. Training isn’t only for dogs, and many cat owners have enjoyed great success with training their cat.  It can be as simple as teaching them to sit on a chair rather than the kitchen table, but it can stimulate their mind, strengthen your bond and put a smile on your face.

5. Get your cat a companion. While cats can generally appear to be solitary creatures, most of them actually prefer the company of another cat.  Take a trip to your local animal shelter to find a suitable companion for your cat.

Enjoy the opportunity to celebrate your cat!