Just like us, pets are susceptible to dandruff. There may be flakes of dead, dry skin cells falling off the body, inflammation, red bumps or even sores that cause irritation for your pet.

What Causes Dandruff in Dogs?

Like any other health condition, dandruff can be induced by a number of factors. These include dehydration, low humidity, parasites, nutritional imbalance, bad hygiene, insufficient natural skin oils, allergies, infection or even stress. In rare cases, though, your dog may get walking dandruff through direct contact with another infected dog. Luckily, most dog dandruff cases can be remedied at home to provide your dog some relief.

Groom Your Pooch

Regular grooming is one of the simplest home remedies to get rid of dog dandruff fast and natural. Proper grooming and brushing should be part of your dog’s regular care routine. Not only does it remove accumulated dirt and loose fur, but it also helps to distribute natural oils throughout your dog’s coat and massage the skin. Brushing, in particular, helps to keep the fur smooth and shiny as well as reduce the symptoms. That’s why you need to use the appropriate brush, not too soft nor too stiff. More importantly, do it right; using long, sweeping strokes. It helps to stimulate skin oil production thus reducing dog dandruff.

Consider a Specialized Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Investing in anti-dandruff shampoos is another home remedy to ward off dandruff. It helps to moisturize the skin, reduce flakiness and relieve irritation.  A good rule of thumb is to avoid dandruff shampoos meant for humans; they can be too harsh on your pooch. Your local pet store should have a product designed for use on dogs only. Also, rinsing your dog with a mixture of water and lime juice after shampooing can have an effect on dandruff. The effects of Vitamin C present in the lime juice can make a natural and safe way to help bring some relief to your pet.

Improve Your Pet’s Diet

Veterinarian reccommended nutrition is a great way to prevent dull skin and dandruff in dogs. Consulting with your veterinarian about your dog’s nutrition needs including what they need in carbs, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and fats is very beneficial. With veterinary suggestion, adding omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid supplements can promote skin and coat health. Providing fresh water at all times is also vital to your pet’s skin health.

Use Humidifier

Low humidity levels can have an impact on dandruff in dogs. Therefore, you could invest in a humidifier and keep it going, especially in the pup’s sleeping area. An all-natural moisturizing cream for dogs can also help with your dog’s dry skin.

Visit Your Veterinarian

Although dandruff is rarely serious, it can sometimes be a sign for an underlying health condition that needs medical management. So, never ignore itching or constant scratching. A good idea is to bring them in for a veterinarian visit if you notice anything out of the ordinary with their skin.

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