It is difficult to imagine that any dog could possibly dislike farm life.  However, the fact that all dogs enjoy some time to explore the outdoors on a regular basis does not automatically make them all perfectly suited to farm life.  Some dog breeds prefer basic outdoor exercise and lots of lap and cuddle time indoors, which means that while they may tolerate farm life they may not be good farm dogs.  Then there are those dogs who not only love to spend the vast majority of their lives outdoors, but are also helpful with basic farm duties.  These dogs make the best farm dogs.

Best Farm Dog Breeds

1. The Border Collie.  Originally bred in the border country between Scotland and England for the purpose of herding sheep, the Border Collie absolutely loves to work.  Whatever task is set before him, the Border Collie will work at it diligently and happily, often without ever appearing to grow bored.  This dog breed is also incredibly smart, and is actually often considered the smartest dog breed by veterinary professionals.  In one study, a Border Collie was taught to understand more than a thousand human words.

2. The Field Spaniel.  Often confused with his cousin the Cocker Spaniel, the Field Spaniel is actually a distinctly separate and rarer breed.  Field Spaniels are known as sensitive, affectionate and soft-hearted dogs, which makes them ideal for families with children.  They are particularly skilled as bird flushers for hunters, but they are also excellent at dog sports such as field trials and tracking tests.

3. The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.  This aptly named breed is quite adept at luring ducks into shooting range by tolling–or dancing along the shore.  The gorgeous Toller has seemingly limitless energy, and is therefore a great companion for all outdoor farm activities, including swimming.

4. The Dalmatian.  Most individuals link Dalmatians with fire stations, but the truth is that this breed was originally developed for the purpose of running alongside carriages and horseback riders to discourage dogs and thieves from approaching.  While steadfastly loyal, the Dalmatian will not be content to lie around the house for long periods of time, and is far more satisfied if they can use their high energy level in exercise.

5. The Australian Shepherd.  Actually bred in the American West by Basque shepherds, the Australian Shepherd loves to work.  This dog is excellent at herding livestock, going on long hikes and even playing soccer.