5 Signs of Dental Disease in Dogs & Good Dental Hygiene

We love our pets like family and sometimes we treat them better than our fellow humans. The last thing we want is to take them in for an unnecessary visit to the vet for something like dental disease. Dental disease in dogs, also known as periodontal disease, is a bacterial infection of the mouth. In

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Pet Owner Tips for Pet Exercise

Humans have evolved over the years to adapt to new circumstances. With less hunting and gathering and more computer work, humans are sedentary more than ever before. While many animals, such as dogs, are prone to an active lifestyle, they tend to take on the lifestyles of their owners. Essentially, how you live your life

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Natural Pet Healthcare: Laser Therapy for Dogs

If your dog has ever been in pain, then you know how difficult it is to watch your friend suffer, with decreasing moods, activities, and energy levels. Perhaps, you have tried a variety of traditional approaches and medicines to keep your canine comfortable. Maybe some approaches have worked and some have not. If you have

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The Well-Designed Diet for Dogs

Whether your dog is high- or low-energy, your canine needs the right balance of nutrients to lead a healthy existence. Just like humans, dogs are omnivores and can get their daily intake from both plant- and meat-based foods. The best dog food should provide the six most important elements: water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and

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Signs Your Pet May Have Glaucoma or Cataracts

As you age, you begin to experience the obligatory aches and pains. Your body is unable to move in the same way it once did. These whole-body changes include changes in your eyes. Two common eye conditions include glaucoma and cataracts. These same eye conditions can occur in your pet. Therefore, it’s important for your

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4 Reasons You Should Talk to Your Vet About Pet Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been around for centuries, at least in China. In the Western world, acupuncture is considered a newer, alternative form of treatment. Some insurance companies have realized the many benefits of the treatment and even cover the costs of acupuncture for human patients.   What to Expect from Pet Acupuncture An expert trained in

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Guide to Pet Vaccine Schedules

For most pet owners, pets are like family. They are loyal companions, and we want them to live vibrant and playful lives. We spend a lot of time walking, feeding and playing with our pets to ensure they stay healthy and happy. In addition to these responsibilities, pet owners need to look out for their

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How Vets Use Pulse Oximetry to Keep Pets Safe During Surgery

Your pet is about to undergo surgery. You are likely to be worried and confused, especially as the vet bandies about medical jargon unfamiliar to your lexicon. You find yourself looking up words on the Internet dictionary or Web MD or jotting down unknown terms, so you can ask the vet follow-up questions later. Note-taking

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