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Grain-Free Pet Food: Is It Healthier?


Grain-free pet foods have recently become increasingly popular, especially as more pet owners become aware of the fact that certain grains can potentially harm the health of their beloved animal companions.  However, the truth is that many grain-free diets were developed in response to human preference and demand, not in response to pet health and

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4 Signs of Feline Arthritis


Just as is the case with humans, feline arthritis can be caused by injury, infection, autoimmune disorders or degenerative joint problems, and it can make it difficult and painful for your cat to move around.  Fortunately, there are things you can do to try and alleviate pain and discomfort so that your cat is able

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Dental Cleaning: Does Your Pet Need It


When you consider what it takes to maintain your pet’s health, do you consider the brand of food you feed them?  The exercise you help them achieve?  The vaccinations they receive?  How about their dental health?  There are many things we do to help our pet stay healthy, but the truth is that while our

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5 Pool Safety Tips for Pets


During the hot summer months, your pets may enjoy pool time just as much as you do--not only because it’s a great way to cool off but also because it gives them one more wonderful opportunity to spend time interacting with you.  However, despite the fact that most pets seem to automatically know how to

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National Immunization Awareness Month: How Vaccines Promote Pet Wellness


The purpose of National Immunization Awareness Month is to increase the general public’s understanding of immunization and its many benefits.  Pet owners are usually aware of the fact that their pet’s veterinarian recommends certain pet vaccines in order to help them keep their pet healthy, but they may not understand why. Understanding Vaccines Pet vaccines

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