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February 2016

Welcome to Our Blog

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Welcome to the Blog for Somerset Animal Medical Center!  Located in beautiful Somerset County, Pennsylvania, we are a full-service veterinary service facility seeking to help improve the lives of pets by providing exemplary care and services to both them and their owners. Bringing a pet into one’s life can bring great joy and satisfaction, but it is undoubtedly a demanding job that requires time, money and great responsibility.  Unlike humans, pets cannot easily communicate their needs and desires, and must therefore rely upon their owners and others for all of their care.  However, the fact is that even the most well-intentioned and dedicated pet owners may not always recognize their pet’s needs–unless they are very well-informed. We hope that our blog is both helpful and informational.  We are passionately dedicated to providing pets with the very best medical, surgical and preventative health care possible, and are aware that with the…

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